Realistic Eyes, Part 1A

Eyes are pretty creepy when they’re floating in the void.

The goal of this exercise is to learn to depict the eye properly, focusing on anatomy and value. The instructions requested sketches, I went a little past that for most of them but I found I really enjoyed this one. Of course, I have 13 more single eyes and 2 more pairs to go, so we’ll see how I feel about it then.

I am trying to source reference images from people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Eye shape and anatomy varies greatly and I feel like if I can’t properly depict an epicanthic fold or a hooded lid or crows’ feet, than I pretty much fail at eyes.

I’m also using a different brush for each one, partially to start learning how to use all the awesome brushes I have been sitting on (Kyle’s Ultimate Megapack), and partially to try and learn to paint a good eyeball in a variety of styles.

I may post the reference images at some point, but I’m feeling pretty lazy right now.

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